Perfect Money

Step by step on how to register, fund Perfect Money account and start investing.

Step 1. Register Perfect Money account
Register at In the registration process you will need to fill out several fields and agree to the terms of system use. It is recommend to enter your password through an electronic keyboard to avoid interception by viral programs. To create a Perfect Money account, click on the registration link below:

Step 2. Fund your Perfect Money purse.
Place the needed amount on your account using one of Perfect Money exchange Services
You can fund your Perfect Money account by Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Cash Deposit, MoneyGram, Western Union and other payment methods.
Step 3. Transfer funds into investment account
Choose an investment package  by going to the Investment Services page and following the screen directions.  

 4. Receive Your Interest

Your interest will be paid according to your Investment package  in US Dollars or Euro.

5. Convert the funds in your Perfect Money account into cash.

After you receive your profit into your Perfect Money account you can transfer it back into your bank account. To do this you will need to use the services provided by exchangers mentioned in Step2. 



Bitcoin is a digital currency. Just like countries use national currencies, Internet users can use digital currencies. One of these digital currency systems is Bitcoin. It is not well understood by the general population and is still considered an experimental system, but using it for simple tasks like making a single transaction is quite straightforward, as detailed below.

Creating your Bitcoin digital wallet

Download and install the latest Bitcoin client from

Transferring Bitcoins to your wallet

There are online exchangers that facilitate the exchange of fiat and bitcoins. Online exchanges accept domestic or international wires and then proceed to sell your standard currency and buy Bitcoin. Please check for a list of exchangers.

Sending money to another Bitcoin user

So you have bitcoins on your computer now. How do you send them to other people? Simple, all you need is their Bitcoin address. Ask them for it, check their web page etc- you're looking after a bitcoin address that looks similar to yours (a long string of random characters).

Once you have the address you want to send the bitcoins to, click the "Send coins" button in the bitcoin application, enter the amount and address, and click "Send".

That's it, the money has been transferred!